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together arrivals

Helping hand expertise when you most need it with your new puppy or newly adopted dog. If you are feeling overwhelmed or you want a smooth start.


together arrivals


My dog is...

  • Newly Adopted
  • New Puppy

Flexible support and guidance from setting up your home to managing the change in your lifestyle.

From skills for life to behaviour problem prevention, we set you on the path to a great relationship with your new arrival

Positive starts with positive training.



together arrivals is especially designed for when you welcome a new puppy or new rescue dog into your life. It’s such an exciting time but all that biology and behaviour can be a bit overwhelming. With many years experience with puppies and newly adopteds, together dog training has designed programmes that will help you make smooth progress from the start of your new relationship.



The programme for your consultation will be personalised for you, your puppy or new dog and your circumstances.

Puppy Consultation

We spend two hours with you and your puppy to help you both get off to a flying start.

We decide what your most important questions, issues or difficulties are. We work on these, so you are confident to make progress with your pup.

We teach you how to build your puppy's confidence in their exciting big new world.

We provide you with a Socialisation Checklist - our Operation Socialisation will help you to get your puppy out and about.
Socialisation is crucial at this time so that your puppy makes positive associations with all the people and situations they will encounter as an adult.

After your consultation we will provide you with an Action Plan to help you to help your puppy in their new world.

Puppy Consultation - 2 Hours - £120


New Puppy Consultations can cover these areas

  • Socialisation advice and why it’s critical
  • Puppy proofing your home
  • Chew and toilet training
  • Puppy biting and the development of acquired bite inhibition
  • Alone training
  • Crate training (if required)
  • Aggression prevention with food and toys
  • Body handling and grooming practice
  • Selection of suitable gear like collars and harnesses
  • Puppy enrichment

If you have children – how to handle your puppy and help train them.

If your puppy is 4 months or over when you get them please see newly adopted below.

Puppy top-ups – follow-on consultations
Single One Hour Consultation - £90

Want to take a dive right into Training and Skills for Life?

Puppy Pro Smart Training

We tailor a six lesson curriculum, just for you and your puppy. You can have your lessons once or twice a week.

We cover

Foundation behaviours

  • Sit, Down, Recall, Loose Lead Walking and Leave-it

Skills for Life

The skills that dogs require throughout their lives

  • Confidence with body handling and grooming
  • Aggression prevention with food and toys

6 Lessons of an hour each - £360



About Our Pricing and Packages

Getting in touch


Newly Adopted Dog Consultation

When you adopt a dog, often you don’t have any history.

We start our consultation from where and your dog are now.

We discuss any problems, issues or questions you may have.

We discuss your short and long-term goals and how to achieve these.

We talk through how dogs learn and how to use this knowledge to train your dog.

We demonstrate and practice essential training skills.
We rehearse timing and using rewards effectively so that your dog understands what you want them to do.

You will receive an Action Plan that details advice and recommendations that will help you and your new dog create a great relationship.

Newly Adopted Dog Consultation – 2 Hours - £120


Newly Adopted Dog Consultations can cover these areas

  • Dog proofing your home while chew and toilet training are underway
  • Aggression prevention with food and toys
  • Alone training
  • Crate training (if required)
  • Coming when called
  • Grooming and helping your new dog feel comfortable with being handled
  • Suitable gear
  • Exercise and enrichment. 

If you would like to continue with expert guidance on training, we provide further consultations that will be tailored precisely for you and your dog. 

You may want to train some new behaviours indoors or train and practice essential outdoor skills like walking nicely on lead or using your recall when you’re on walks.

4 Training Lessons of an Hour Each in two easy payments of £120 – Total = £240.00


6 Training Lessons of an Hour Each in three easy payments of £120 – Total = £360.00 

If your dog is Fearful or Anxious we can segue straight to Together Solutions for Fearful and Anxious Dogs without the necessity for an Assessment Consultation.

If your dog has difficulty with body handling, is afraid of being touched or groomed for example, we can segue straight to Together Care without the necessity for an Assessment Consultation.

About Our Pricing and Packages

Getting in touch


When I first got Evie, my lurcher, from a rescue centre she was around 1 year old, underweight, didn’t seem to know how to play with a toy, and quite a live-wire when out on walks! I knew I needed a trainer and I first met Christian at a scent work course she was delivering. Not only did my dog really enjoy the course – putting that pointy nose to use – but we began to see Christian more regularly for 1-1 training aimed at getting some basics in place. What I expected was maybe some demonstrations – possibly some notes – what I got was so much more. Christian really took the time to get to know us both in addition to providing notes, tasks and videos. She didn’t judge me when I realised I’d lapsed in my training. Instead she was calm, understanding and offered tailoring and suggestions to suit both Evie and me. Each time we saw her we’d learn more and more from her and she would get to know us even more. We moved on from the basics and concentrated on specific techniques to respond to behaviours that perhaps I’d only just noticed that week with Evie. Christian’s ability to shape my learning flexibly each time was so crucial. Of course, Evie loves Christian’s visits and what was so important to me was that my bond with Evie developed. As a rescue dog Evie had a life before me – and as a stray I can’t imagine what that life was – but Christian really helped us to bond through learning together. I noticed Evie becoming much calmer at home and much more responsive. I wouldn’t change Evie for the world and I’m delighted that Christian helped us so much.
— Evie and Alison


Our Pricing and Packages

We offer two-hour Consultations for advice and expert guidance, assessment and recommendations for training or behaviour modification. Consults are good if you need help quickly, are getting or have just got a new puppy or adopted dog or if you have a difficulty with fear or aggression issues.

Our Programmes consist of a set number of sessions. As a package, they are priced at a reduced hourly rate. This ensures you get real value and great service to deliver you the consistency needed to get the results you want. Before we start your Training or Behaviour Modification Programme, we'll talk on the phone to assess your needs and plan your programme.

All our services have built in flexibility. So it doesn't matter if you feel that you and your dog don't fit like a glove into one. We will always find the right pathway for you and your dog.

Getting in touch

At together dog training we recognise how important it is to find a trainer who is the right match for you and your dog. That's why we ask you to give us a ring, email us or fill in the contact form. Then we can help you out by assessing your needs to find the best route for you and your dog. If you leave a message we will get back to you.

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