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Helping hand expertise wherever you are in the UK. Online distance training & behaviour consultations.


together distance


If you live in the UK and would like to work with together dog training but live outside the areas in which we make home visits, we offer Distance Consultations. We have finely tuned procedures for working at distance and the technology is so good now that Distance Consultations are as good as in person visits.


How does this service work?

We use a combination of video conferencing, live coaching of training, recorded videos of your training and video demonstrations to bring knowledge, skills and support to help you and your dog.

The technology we use is super easy to use. We can help you set-up with a simple step by step help sheet or guide you through on the phone.

Who are Distance Consultations for?

  • You would like to work with together dog training, would like force free and positive training for your dog and share our desire for a straight forward and honest service.
  • You want to work with an Academy for Dog Trainers Graduate based here in the UK. 
  • You want to work with a Certified Fear Free Animal Trainer who has specific skills and knowledge to work through issues with care giving and is trained to work in partnership with Veterinary Practices.
  • You may not be able to get to classes or there might not be any suitable qualified force free trainers near to you. 
  • You might want the reassurance of working with a qualified and experienced professional who has the skills to work through the difficulties you are experiencing.
  • You may like the great flexibility that working on-line offers. 
  • You may have had an in-home Consultation with together dog training, but Distance work would be more suitable for your circumstances.
  • You may have worked with another trainer or trainers before and not had the results you were aiming for.
  • You want a very structured approach that is transparent and centred on you and your dog’s needs.

Before you book your first on-line video consultation.

Phone Call

We’ll speak on the phone to fill in an “Intake Form”. This covers basic details and saves time during our Consultation time. It gives us a broad picture of the situation you and your dog are in, so we can have a much more detailed conversation during your Consultation time. Then we set up a time and date for your Distance Consultation. 

When you have booked your Distance Consultation 

Visual and Sound Check-in

We run a quick sound and visual check before your Consultation time. This ensures we’ve got good visuals, can hear each other well, and we can demonstrate any techniques clearly. We’ve found this to be a very useful procedure, so you know who you’ll be talking to, we’ll have made our introductions and the technology will be familiar.

What happens during the first one-hour distance consultation? 

The pattern follows our in-home consultations, which are all based on your individual circumstances and needs.


Distance Consultation

One Hour

We talk through the difficulty you are experiencing with your dog.

We discuss the impact your dog’s behaviour has on your lifestyle and how we can change that.

We map out the problem behaviour, what happens before and what happens as a result.

We discuss how best to resolve it and the type of training you need.

We discuss any changes in your dog’s lifestyle that will be helpful to our cause.

We demonstrate any training techniques that you will need, so you can confidently use them.

We go through any help sheets or information that are relevant to your situation and will help you understand why the problem behaviour is occurring.

There will be variation in this programme depending on the type of issues we are working with. 

After your Distance Consultation you will receive a written report which summarises our time together. The report will contain clear and understandable instructions, a training plan specifically written for you and your dog’s individual circumstances and any additional guidance you may need. We send links to training videos that will help you keep on track with technique, so you can work confidently with your dog.

Distance Consultation – 1 Hour - £90


Follow on Consultations

We offer additional distance consultations in economical packages. Distance Consultations allow for great flexibility, so we can use the equivalent time in lots of different ways. It may be that you require more discussion time, more guidance with training or you would like me to coach your training live as you work with your dog. You can upload video to a shared folder for live or written feedback and of course, we keep in touch with our shared training diary. This flexibility with consultation time delivers real opportunities for a programme of training and behaviour consultation that is absolutely honed to the needs of you and your dog.

Distance 1 – 1 x One Hour Consultation - £90

Distance 3 – 3 x One Hour Consultations (or equivalent of 180 minutes) - £260

Distance 5 – 5 x One Hour Consultations (or equivalent of 300 minutes - £420

Distance 7 – 7 x One Hour Consultations (or equivalent of 420 minutes) - £567


Each Distance Consultation package comes with Consultation Session Notes, Homework, Advice and Help sheets, Step by Step guidance on techniques and video demonstrations where appropriate. Our Shared Training Diary ensures that you can track and monitor your progress and get quick and responsive feedback to any questions.


About Our Pricing and Packages

Getting in touch


I had the pleasure of working with Christian, who provided invaluable support using remote technology to help me with some complex issues related to my dog’s training. Christian is an extremely kind professional who took time to discuss and understand my concerns before coming up with a realistic and effective training plan to work towards achieving (and exceeding) my goals and expectations.
— Buster and Pamela


Our Pricing and Packages

We offer two-hour Consultations for advice and expert guidance, assessment and recommendations for training or behaviour modification. Consults are good if you need help quickly, are getting or have just got a new puppy or adopted dog or if you have a difficulty with fear or aggression issues.

Our Programmes consist of a set number of sessions. As a package, they are priced at a reduced hourly rate. This ensures you get real value and great service to deliver you the consistency needed to get the results you want. Before we start your Training or Behaviour Modification Programme, we'll talk on the phone to assess your needs and plan your programme.

All our services have built in flexibility. So it doesn't matter if you feel that you and your dog don't fit like a glove into one. We will always find the right pathway for you and your dog.

Getting in touch

At together dog training we recognise how important it is to find a trainer who is the right match for you and your dog. That's why we ask you to give us a ring, email us or fill in the contact form. Then we can help you out by assessing your needs to find the best route for you and your dog. If you leave a message we will get back to you.

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