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Life with a dog
isn't always plain sailing.
So we're here to help.


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Welcome to Together Dog Training.

Through my thirty years of living with, loving and training dogs of all shapes and sizes, I know that sometimes we all need some help or knowledgeable guidance. Things don’t always go to plan, our dogs can exhibit confusing, annoying or worrying behaviour. Dogs, just by being dogs can clash with our expectations.

Reaching out makes you a great owner. We can’t all know everything about everything. I’d be completely lost re-wiring the house or plumbing in a new bathroom suite. When we need help, what we need is a specialist who knows what they’re doing and delivers the results we want.

With years of experience teaching humans and after graduating from the world-renowned Academy for Dog Trainers, I’ve set up Together Dog Training to bring you expertise with training techniques and the most proven up to date knowledge of dog behaviour.

My purpose and great joy is to use all my skills to ensure that you and your dog are happy together. So, if you’re feeling all at sea with your dog or your puppy, take a positive step in the right direction and call me today.

Christian Williams MA. PGCE. CTC (Hons). 2018


Together Dog Training is Committed to

evidence-based, effective, humane,
positive and force-free training
that works for dogs and their people


Why is our training effective?

Ever wondered how dolphins, killer whales or captive wild animals are trained? We use exactly the same technique. Known as positive reinforcement training (or reward-based training) we build the behaviours you want from your dog.  Knowledge of how all animals learn has grown hugely during the last 100 years. We train using these two simple but vitally important learning principles.

  • The understanding of how dog’s make associations between one thing and another
  • The understanding that reinforcing a desired behaviour increases the likelihood of that behaviour recurring

These two principles form the cornerstones of our modern day, knowledgeable approach to dog training. 

Our training is effective because it teaches your dog what to do. We replace “the wrong behaviour” with “the right behaviour.” 

Our training is efficient because we always know exactly what your dog has to do to get their reward. We don’t make it up as we go along or waste time (and your money) and experiment with what might work. 

We do what works, because we have a deep understanding of how dogs learn and how to use this effectively to train efficiently.



Why do we work to the highest ethical standards?

My dogs and your dog are part of our families. At Together Dog Training we do not underestimate how much you care for your dog and their well-being. We’ve seen corporeal punishment outlawed in children's education. We have now seen a culture shift with dog training too. Considerable scientific evidence proves that dogs have emotions, feelings and sensitivities, much as we do. Again and again, when dog training techniques are studied, positive reinforcement training proves to be the most effective method.

We do what works because we have the deepest respect for our clients and their dogs, and we only act with the utmost professional responsibility.



Why do we only use positive and force-free techniques?

We don’t use any physical force. We don’t use intimidation, scare or startle tactics or pain inducing equipment.

We don’t want to or need to.

There is overwhelming scientific evidence that training using fear, physical or mental punishment or intimidation carries risk of creating a fearful dog or escalating aggression. Punishment may interrupt a behaviour you don’t like, it may temporarily suppress it. It does not address the underlying problem.

We draw on our knowledge, skills and understanding of learning, motivation and behaviour. We engage your dog in a rewarding and joyful way. Our training motto is “a dog that wants to train”. 

We do what works because we have studied, been examined and honed our skills over years, so that you can access the very best in dog training.


It Matters.png

Why does all this matter?

Dog training and behaviour counselling is an unregulated profession. Anyone can set themselves up, without education, formal qualifications or even any knowledge or experience. The “shallow knowledge epidemic” is rife. Lack of education and old fashioned folk style training techniques (which came from military training in the 1930’s) can cause harm to you and your dog and burn a big hole in your pocket.

Together Dog Training only works with committed owners who want to work with us to resolve their dog’s problems or train with the most proven and effective safe techniques.

Uniquely qualified to teach dogs and humans, we bring you the most technically skilled, highly educated, qualified and personalised training. 

We do what works because we know it will work for you and your dog, my dog, every dog.



About Our Services

All our services are based on one-to-one consultations or programmes of training lessons right where you need it, at your home or your local neighbourhood. We’ve carefully considered and listened to what our clients tell us they need, so we can offer a gold standard range of services that work with our 21st Century lifestyles.

About Our Consultations

We offer in home consultations for when you most need expert advice and guidance. After an initial phone call, we prepare your information pack and structure your consultation time. We spend one to two hours with you, to discuss your needs and how best to help you and your dog or puppy. 

Our consultations are based around your needs and tailored to your specific situation. Our consults are highly flexible because we don’t have a one size fits all approach. 

About Our Training Programmes - Smart Training for Smart Busy People

You don’t have to become a dog trainer yourself to have a well-trained and happy dog, just like you don’t have to be a mechanic to drive a car. With modern dog training, having a specialist pro trainer teach your dog initially then handing over your dog’s new skills to you, produces more accurate learning for your dog and delivers more rapidly acquired behaviour. You don’t have to learn how to train your dog from scratch. Installing new behaviour takes lots and lots of repetitions, precise mechanical skills and essential great timing. Just like learning a musical instrument or a special type of dance, these skills are developed over time and with constant practice. With most people working long hours and scheduled to the hilt, professional training for your dog makes sense in our hurried world. This does not mean you love your dog any less or you are not dedicated or committed. In fact, quite the opposite. We know that finding time to practice and learning new technical skills can be frustrating and this doesn’t help you or your dog!

You do need to learn how to maintain your dog’s new behaviours, so our transfer sessions at the end of each programme are right up to the mark in ensuring you are confident, and of course, we fully support you after your programme is finished.


Our range of services

together arrivals

Helping hand expertise when you most need it with your new puppy or newly adopted dog.
If you are feeling overwhelmed or you want a smooth start.

together basics

Is your dog not listening?
Or being a bit of a pest?
Our Pesky to Polite
Training Programme
changes behaviour
to change lives

together care

Fear Free training for dogs fearful of vet visits, the application of treatments or taking medication.
For dogs fearful of grooming, being touched or of collars, harnesses, coats or leads.

together solutions

Are you worried about something your dog is doing?
Fear, Anxiety, Aggression and On Lead Reactivity
Real solutions through professional assessment and behaviour modification.


together distance

If you live in the UK and would like to work with together dog training but live outside the areas in which we make home visits, we offer Distance Consultations. We have finely tuned procedures for working at distance and the technology is so good now that Distance Consultations are as good as in person visits.


Our Mission

working together
learning together
changing together

we help you and your dog develop your bond

through trust
through partnership
through collaboration


Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much
— Helen Keller


Getting in touch

At together dog training we recognise how important it is to find a trainer who is the right match for you and your dog. That's why we ask you to give us a ring, email us or fill in the contact form. Then we can help you out by assessing your needs to find the best route for you and your dog. If you leave a message we will get back to you.

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