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together puppies

Helping hand expertise when you most need it with your puppy. If you are feeling overwhelmed or you want a smooth start.


together puppies


My dog is...

  • New Puppy

  • Puppy

  • Growing up

Flexible support and guidance from setting up your home to managing the change in your lifestyle.

From skills for life to behaviour problem prevention, we set you on the path to a great relationship with your new family member.

Positive starts with positive training.



together puppies is especially designed for when you welcome a new puppy or have difficulties with a growing puppy. It’s such an exciting time but all that biology and behaviour can be a bit overwhelming. With many years experience with puppies and maturing young dogs, together dog training has designed programmes that will help you make smooth progress from the start of your new relationship.



Puppy Consultation

A two-hour in-home visit so that you can get expert advice and guidance on all you need to know about the early days and weeks with your new pup. What we cover -

Top of the list for all puppies is Socialisation. Socialisation is a time sensitive procedure. From the age of 3 to around 14 weeks, puppies are in a critical developmental stage called the Socialisation Period. This is the time that puppies, who grow into dogs very quickly, make lifelong associations with the world around them. It’s much, much, much easier to create positive experiences with novel people and situations with puppies than with adult dogs. This will help your puppy grow up confidently and unafraid of novelty. Socialising your puppy well is an investment for life. 

  • Puppy proofing your home, chew training and housetraining

  • Puppy biting and the essential development of acquired bite inhibition

  • Aggression prevention with food and toys

  • Body handling and grooming so your puppy develops positive associations that will last a lifetime

  • Selection of gear such as harnesses and how to get your puppy comfortable with collar, lead and harness

  • How to provide your puppy with enrichment activities to keep their investigative minds occupied

  • Starter Sit and Down which form the foundations for all later training

  • Your Puppy Pack – handouts with all the information you need to make a super start

If you would like to split the two-hours into two separate sessions, one before you get your puppy and one after, that is great. We can prepare you for what to expect and help you sort out your puppy proofing and organise your housetraining from the get-go.



Training for Puppies and Growing Young Dogs

For Puppies aged 8 to 16 weeks

6 x Hour Lessons spaced once a week for puppies aged 8 to 16 weeks

This training covers all the features of the puppy consult above. In addition, we focus on life skills and basic behaviours that will form the basis of all future training, such as stay, recall and loose lead walking. We write an individual curriculum just for you and your puppy. We can be really flexible, so if you have an issue that comes up, we can address it straight away. You might want more emphasis on happiness with grooming and body handling, you might want to be escorted on socialisation walks, or focus on manners, such as Sit to Greet (anti-jump up exercises).

By the time your puppy has had their second vaccinations we’ll extend training lessons out of your home and into your local environment, so your puppy learns to walk nicely on their lead, can sit when you need it and practice your recall (every dog needs recall – full stop!). Along with your training lessons, you will have a Puppy Pack, between session support, homework to fit your schedule and of course your tailored curriculum to match your requirements and your puppy’s needs. 

For Puppies and Young Dogs aged from 16 weeks

6 x Hour Lessons spaced once a week for puppies and adolescent dogs from 16 weeks

Puppies grow so very fast and before you know it, your little bundle is growing up and their world can be exciting place. We tailor our Programme especially for you and your youngster. Sometimes, Recall is at the top of the list. We can combine this with Loose Lead Walking, Sit and Down Stays, manners at home and can include confidence with body handling and the big wide world. We work indoors and out and about, do training walks and practice in the places you visit. This Programme combines all the essentials you need to take you and your pup confidently through the teenage phase and give you the training skills that will last a lifetime. Along with your training sessions, you’ll have between session support and homework to suit your schedule


Thank you so much for your help with Blu, he has come such a long way and is such a good smart puppy! It’s a pleasure having him around.
— Blu and His Family