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Fear, Anxiety, Aggression and On Lead Reactivity.
Real solutions through professional assessment and behaviour modification.


together solutions


My dog is…

  • Is frightened or is using aggressive behaviour to get away from something or stop something happening

  • Frightened of something

  • Anxious or nervous

  • Guarding their food, toys, furniture or lap

  • Barking and lunging on lead

  • Doesn’t like being touched or groomed

We know that life with a dog isn’t always plain sailing. We modify behaviour to help you and your dog live together in harmony. We help you understand where behaviour difficulties in dogs come from. We only use proven techniques that effect change without force or harm. Humane and ethical science based methods are efficient and effective.  

We are with you every step of the way.



together solutions creates a tailored behaviour change programme for you and your dog to restore harmony to your household.



Fear and Aggression at Together Dog Training

Just like us, our dogs can be frightened or scared by a great many things. I’m not too bad with going to the dentist but I can feel the anxiety rising as I go through the front door. Science has established that our dogs experience emotions much as we do, but of course, we can’t ask them how they feel. 

Living with a dog who is anxious or fearful, who behaves aggressively, who’s guarding their food, their toys or your bed, who doesn’t like being touched or barks and lunges on lead can feel confusing, upsetting, embarrassing, frightening, disappointing or worrying.

Many of the behaviour problems that we see in dogs, stem from normal dog behaviour which just doesn’t mesh with living in a home with a human family. Just because it’s normal, doesn’t mean it’s okay. It’s important to understand that problem behaviours in dogs are not your fault and that positive dog training is positive for owners too.

Problem behaviours are modifiable without force. In the 21st Century we have superb behavioural modification techniques that effect change without harm to your dog or making your dog feel afraid. 

Fear and Aggression in dogs is a huge subject encompassing many forms. To help you identify the help you need, we’ve divided our Together Solutions into three main categories. Like us, our dogs are all individuals, so no worries if no one category fits perfectly. For many fearful or anxious dogs, you may be experiencing a combination of issues. We will always help you find the best path forward with your dog using our knowledge, skills and experience. 


Our together solutions programmes

together solutions
on lead reactivity

Seven Steps for Success with On Lead Reactivity

My dog on a lead:

Barks / Vocalises / Lunges / Spins / Bites
when he/she sees or hears:

  • Other Dogs

  • All dogs

  • Some dogs

  • People

  • All people

  • Some people

  • Cyclists

  • Joggers

  • Cars or passing traffic

  • Buses

  • Squirrels

  • Cats

together solutions
for fearful, anxious or shy dogs

Creating a safe world for fearful and anxious dogs

My dog:

  • Doesn’t like going out

  • Is frightened of everything

  • Hides from visitors

  • Barks and acts aggressively with visitors

  • Is frightened of new things or situations

  • Is aggressive towards a member of the household

  • Can’t be left alone

  • Can’t be in a room away from me

  • Doesn’t like being touched or groomed

  • Is frightened by noises

together solutions
for guarding behaviour at home

Resolving Guarding Behaviour with Food, Objects or Locations

My dog:

  • Growls if I go near his food bowl

  • Runs off with laundry and growls if I try to get it back

  • Won’t let me get in the bed

  • Growls if my husband tries to sit on the sofa with me

  • Lays in the doorway and I can’t get passed

  • Won’t let me near her if she has a toy

  • Steals shoes and shows her teeth if I try to get them back

  • Can’t have chews or toys anymore because he gets too aggressive

  • Hoards her toys behind a chair and growls when we walk past

  • Curls up in the armchair and snaps if I try to get her off